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needle peak sagenite in agate
Sagenite in agate slabs montage from Needle Peak.

      Mail orders are available at $30.00 for five (5) pounds of assorted plume, green moss, and Pom-Pom agates. Postage paid in the U.S.A. For more detailed prices, inquiries or orders please call us at 915/364-2271, or snail mail to: Woodward Ranch, HC 65 Box 40, Alpine, TX 79830-9717.

banded agate bolo tie
Banded agate bolo tie.

      We are currently working for your convenience to be able to use a credit card for purchases. We will announce it here as soon as it becomes available. Meanwhile, may we suggest either of two ways to order rocks:

      1. You can either email us here at Woodward Ranch with your order (this way we can be filling the order, but we must wait until receiving your check or Money Order before shipping).

      2. Or... order by snail mail.

black plume trimmed in yellow and red
Black plume with yellow and red plume.

      NOTE: Because of our rural telephone and electric connections, contact by telephone/email may not be immediately available. Please keep trying, or send your message to the Webmaster and it will be forwarded ASAP.

brilliant red bouquet agate
Typical red plume bouquet agate.

      Please go to ORDER PAGE if you wish to place or printout an order, or to Copy&Paste to an email.



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