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ceiling lamp shade

Hand made ceiling lamp shade.

      Woodward Ranch is located in the heart of the Big Bend - Davis Mountain country only 16 miles south of Alpine, Texas on State Highway 118. Turn west at the road sign and go 1.7 miles down an all-weather dirt road. When you see the rock buildings, "You're there!" For all current prices and fees please go to the official WOODWARD RANCH website.

grandmother's favorite red plume

Red Plume cabochon measures approx. 2.5x4.5 inches (6.5x11.5 cm).

      First, you will want to visit the rock and lapidary shop, sign the guest book, and see the fantastic Red, Black and Yellow Plume and Pom-Pom agate displays. They will take your breath away. Learn more about the local agates, and other local gems, and how they are recognized in the field before venturing out on your own.

flower garden

Flower Garden agate.

      Seasoned rockhounds and beginners alike will enjoy a tour of the rock and lapidary shop. The agate you find can be cut for you onsite and you can learn more about tumbling and polishing your agate with your own equipment.

pseudomorph after aragonite specimen
Chalcedony pseudomorph-after-aragonite crystals mineral specimen.

      Aragonite and calcite are polymorphs of calcium carbonate. This unusual trophy found at Needle Peak is still owned by the Woodward Ranch. Through the years it has won numerous Rock Show awards. This beautiful mineral specimen is displayed in the Rock Shop.


Amethysts on display (not from the Ranch).

red and grey bolo

Reddish-gray agate bolo tie.

      Before leaving this site, please check out our special links found on the Historical Interests page for more interesting papers of geological history, such as a special paper on the history and beginning of the Rollin' Rock Club. A new "Heritage Room" has recently been added with emphasis on the personal background of J. Frank and Mary Frances Woodward, the original operators and owners of the Woodward Ranch. Memorabilia of John Frank Woodward II is currently being added.



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