WOODWARD RANCH by Tommy Woodward
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In the heart of the Big Bend - Davis Mountains country featuring Texas Red Plume
and Texas Pom-pom agates. Also found are precious Opal and Labradorite feldspar.

san antonio show
Mary Frances and J. Frank Woodward (Sr) at the 1949 San Antonio, Texas rock show.

red plume  montage
Red Plume agate slabs montage in showcase display.

pompom montage
Pom-pom agate slabs montage from Needle Peak in showcase display.

cathedral mountain
Cathedral Mountain in the late evening as seen from the ranch.
Eagle Peak, an igneous plug, is seen in the foreground.

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Thank you for inquiring about the Woodward Ranch. This website is NOT the official site for Woodward Ranch. This site was created and is being maintained by Tommy Woodward simply for your pleasure and enjoyment in observing Mother Nature at work in the field.             Tommy Woodward

      Before leaving this site, please check out our special links found on the HISTORICAL INTERESTS page for more interesting papers of geological and local history. Don't miss the WOODWARD TOPAZ, or the latest thoughts on the phenomenon known as the Marfa Lights.
     Rockhounds and Rollin' Rock Club members will be interested in a special peek into the history - and very first meeting - of the Rollin' Rock Club, as related by the last living Charter Member who was present.
     For further communications with the Ranch, or ordering of rocks, please go to the official WOODWARD RANCH website, or EMAIL directly to the Woodward Ranch owners. And please tell them where you found their address.

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